is a registered Defcon Groups International as DC6332. Defcon is the worlds largest hacking convention in the world. Same as Defcon, is aiming to come up with the same convention here in the Philippines, since we are a registered international group of Defcon we will be having the same pattern as Defcon. During the CON we will be having the events as well like TCP/IP Drinking, Lock Picking, Spot The Feds etc.

The group is pretty much very new it all started February 2008. The main site of the group went down for a couple of months due to some Hosting issue, we plan to postponed the CON this December and move them to a more convenient time hopefully next year. We are inviting all people who are in the IT industry to support the exposure of IT Security related topics in the Philippines. Lets continue to support the IT Security Arena

For the mean time lets all interact on the user FORUM, in this way we can share our knowledge, ideas as to how the CON you want it to be.



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