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Rebble: Pebble Reborn

The Pebble smartwatch has meant a lot of things to a lot of people. From a strong leadership position at the forefront of what seemed like a smartwatch revolution, Pebble emphasized simplicity, and complementing the computer you already carry in your pocket instead of replicating it. Eschewing touchscreens for tactility, power-hungry OLEDs for power-sipping always-on LCDs, and embracing multiple platforms while others targeted just Android or iOS, Pebble has always focused on what matters most to users, and as a result, a vibrant community of fans quickly formed around them. A well-fostered subset of that community were developers, attracted by Pebble’s fantastic documentation, delightful SDK, and general amazing treatment of developers. Realizing as I type this that some of the preceding links may soon stop working following Pebble’s shutdown is incredibly disconcerting. Yet these feelings of unease and uncertainty have been harnessed by the developer community to cr…

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