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Rootcon 11 2017

Each year ROOTCON keeps on brewing new, exciting and great things for the conference, this year we added some awesome sauce to the mix.

Day 1 Extended - we will be extending our Day 1 activities up until 11:00PM or 12:00AM. Day 1 will host several hacking games, movie night, parties, and the night tracks. Prepare the energy drinks please...

Night Tracks - what is a night tracks? A night tracks is a never before seen or heard presentation, the presentation on Night Tracks will be focused on cutting-edge research, zer0-day presentation, or a unique IoT vulnerability discovery. (If you qualified for the Night Tracks you will gain the highest Black Badge honor of LIFETIME access to ROOTCON.)

Infosec Rockstar - this year we will be visited by an Infosec Rockstar, announcements will be made soon.

And finally
Hackers Depot - have tools to showcase? Or just want to know the latest tools-of-trade hackers use, visit the "Hackers Depot" area.

These are the main highlights that will be…

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